There are many advantages to having a western-based lawyer handle your case. These include:

Around the world, there are many unscrupulous and even fraudulent consultants who make all sorts of promises which cannot be kept and are more than willing to take your money. Lawyers are governed by a professional body, the Law Society, which strictly oversees each individual lawyer member so as to ensure honesty,trustworthiness and competence in the areas they practice. False or exaggerated claims by a lawyer are not tolerated and could result in disciplinary action. Fees & other charges are governed by legislation, to ensure fairness and protection for the client.

If problems or complications develop in your case, a lawyer has the professional training and authority to fight for your rights or appeal your application if necessary. An immigration consultant has no such qualifications, and is not permitted to attend in court on your behalf.

Lawyers are abreast of the most recent developments in immigration policy & law, to better help you find the solution that is best for you, as a unique individual, and maximize the chances of your application being successful.

A Lawyer can offer many other legal services that a consultant cannot. To help with your settling in Canada, a lawyer can assist with the purchase of a residence, set up a business or company for you, and draft legal contracts, for example.