How to Come to Canada:

– Categories of Immigration 

Skilled Worker

Under this category, you may apply if you have worked for at least one year during the last 10 years in one of the recognized occupations (listed by the Canadian Immigration Department as being of benefit to the Canadian labour market).

Points are calculated based on the applicant’s number of years of work experience (maximum points achieved with 5 years work experience), education, English and/or French language ability, age, and other personal factors. You must score a minimum threshold number of points to qualify. (The number of points needed changes periodically.)

If you are immigrating together with your partner/spouse (including same sex partner), some of your partner’s qualifications can add to your points to increase your total. If one of you achieves the minimum required number of points, you can immigrate to Canada as a couple together.

Family Sponsorship

If you are in a relationship with a Canadian citizen (or permanent resident of Canada), that person can sponsor you to immigrate to Canada. You do not need to achieve a minimum number of points to qualify. Canada recognizes same-sex relationships in this category. Many gay and lesbian people have utilized this category to immigrate to Canada after forming a relationship with a Canadian resident, when they otherwise would not have qualified for immigration. You do not have to be married, or even living together, to qualify. You do not need to demonstrate language ability. The following relatives can sponsor you:

• Partner / spouse (same or opposite sex)
• Children or grandchildren
• Parents
Some conditions also apply to your sponsor to qualify, such as having a minimum ability to support you financially for a time after you move to Canada.


There are options available through individual Provinces in Canada. Generally, a candidate must show:

  • previous business experience, or management of a business
  • minimum net worth – amount varies depending on the geographical location (spouse’s assets can also be included when calculating net worth)
  • a viable business plan for setting up a business or purchasing an existing business, which satisfies the
    government’s requirements.


The Federal (Canadian) investor program has been suspended by the Government indefinitely.

The Province of Quebec still maintains its own investor program. Other Provinces in Canada have immigration streams for business applicants to apply through which generally require investment in a business and the applicant’s direct involvement in the business. The business must be viewed as beneficial to the local economy, and Canadian workers.

Self Employed Category

You can apply under this category if you have been self- employed in the field of cultural activities or athletics or who have participated at a world class level in these activities, or if you have farm management experience.

You must demonstrate an intention and ability to be self-employed in Canada and contribute to the cultural, artistic or athletic life of Canada, or to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.


Provincial Nominee Program

Each Province in Canada has a special immigration program designed to increase the economic benefits of immigration to the Province.

A successful applicant may have desired work skills, health care experience, business skills, or be engaging in a special project, or even be an international student, which will be of benefit to the Province.

If approved by the Province, an applicant’s immigration application will receive a preferred status, with faster processing time. (See Important News)

Temporary Status in Canada (Visa Applications)

You may apply to come to Canada as a student, worker, or visitor.

To apply for a student visa, you must be accepted for admission into a Canadian educational institution.

Work permits for a specified time period are available if an employer in Canada is willing to hire you, and the employer provides reason to the Canadian government why a Canadian citizen is not being hired for the position.

You can apply to visit Canada for a specified time period, if you demonstrate that you will return to your home country at the end of the visit and that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your visit.

Work or study experience in Canada can also earn valuable points for you on an application for permanent residence to Canada.

There is currently a labour shortage in Canada.This can be an excellent stepping stone towards permanent immigration to Canada! (See Important News)

Canadian Experience Class

  • Work in Canada for at least one year on a valid temporary work permit; or
  • If you complete a qualifying diploma, certificate or degree program from a qualifying Canadian Educational Institution, you may be able to apply to immigrate on a permanent basis to Canada using that experience.. Many fields of study and work experience qualify for this program. Your application can be fully processed from within Canada.
    (See Important News)



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