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The Easiest Way to Immigrate..? 

Work to Immigrate

The Provincial Nominee Program of British Columbia (BCPNP) has announced a
program for entry level and semi-skilled workers.

Canada is currently experiencing a labour shortage in many areas. Under this
program, work in Canada for just nine (9) months in an “entry level”
position and you may apply to immigrate using that experience. Your
application process will be expedited (fast track) and can all be processed
from within Canada. You do not have to return to your home country.

Best of all, the type of positions that qualify are ones that require little
or no previous work experience, training, or education. They include food
and beverage servers, bartenders, kitchen helpers, food counter attendants,
hotel front desk clerks, cleaners and janitors, doormen, truck drivers, tour
guides, casino workers, laundry workers, and others. You can actually get a
job as a waiter for nine months and immigrate to Canada!

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Study to Immigrate

If you study in Canada in a qualifying educational program and institution, you can use this experience to immigrate. After completing your course of study you can apply for an “open” work permit to work in Canada for up to three years. Then with that work-study experience, or even with just a valid job offer, you can apply for permanent residence.

Contact us  to be sure the course and school you select, as well as your intended occupation in Canada, will qualify for immigration purposes.

Global Skills Program

Canada has established a global talent stream, to attract workers with certain skills and expertise that are high in-demand.
Candidates who fall within one of the in-demand occupations will have their work permits processed on an expedited (two weeks) basis. This may be used as an excellent stepping stone to permanent immigration.

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